Ideal Checklist For Moving Into Your New Home


Moving into your new home can be super exciting but overwhelming at the same time. Between the confusion of not forgetting to pack the essential items to settling into your new home as soon as possible, there will be a never-ending checklist that you will need to tick off. Now you can head to William Gaudreault homepage to get the ultimate checklist for your reference. You can also find out more tips and things to consider while moving out by reading a helpful article on the internet.

Checklist For Your New Home

You need to consider the following while moving into your new home:-

New Locks For Your New Home

You can never be sure of who all had access to the lock in your new home. Hence, get your locks changed as soon as possible to assure that no one else enters your home and its premises while you are in the process of moving out. Check whether your garage and gate locks are in place as well and change these as well if you can, for better safety.

Get the Repair Works Done

Get the repair work done beforehand on your new home as it can get messy if there are leaks to be checked into and short circuits to be rectified after you move in. Check if there is any runny toilets or leaks in the faucets.

Locate Your New Valves

The chances are that the valve systems for water have a different shut off points to close it in your new home, unlike your old one. Make sure that you familiarise with each of these so that you can respond accordingly in case of an emergency where the water breaks out, or there is a huge plumbing leak somewhere whose location is challenging to identify.

Get To Know Your Circuit Box

Educating yourself about your new Circuit box is very important. There might be a fuse or two that needs to be replaced. Also, in case of a power cut, you won’t want to be clueless in your new home in the dark.

Spotless Cleaning

This is one crucial thing you need to take care of. Hire a cleaning team to wipe off the dust from each nook and corner of the house. Make sure that the cabins are wiped thoroughly and the carpets are vacuumed spotless. Take extra measure to get your bathrooms and toilets cleaned. Moving in with your things into a dirty home can get all your things covered in dust as well.

Pest Control

The chances are that your home has been vacant for a while and must be home for mice and cockroaches as well. So get your home pest free by investing in pesticides which will keep all termites off from your new home.

Apart from these, take extra care to transfer all your gas, water and electricity supply, etc., transferred to your new home by the company you work with. Also, make sure you have packed all the essential documents and files. All the boxes should be marked to know which ones will go into which all rooms to make your unpacking process much more manageable. Make sure to have an extra box which is open and can be accessed easily and containing a pair of clothes of each family member, toothbrushes, towels, and other necessities that could help you survive a day of unpacking and settling down.